Student Apartments in Barcelona

  Student Apartments in Barcelona
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From when and until when can the apartments be rented in accordance with the rules of student residence?

The minimum rental period of university apartments is from September or October to late June of the academic year.

Can you explain how the cleaning service Works?

The cleaning service is a mandatory service that is performed in the apartments daily, Monday through Friday, during the academic calender. The cleaning service is for the common areas of the apartment (never the bedrooms) and takes place between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm.

Why do the prices vary from room to room inside of the same student apartment?

The monthly rate depends on the room type (size of the room, whether it has an internal or external window, a private bathroom, balcony or terrace) and depending on which student apartment you choose.

Can I choose to not pay for internet? Can I opt out of the cleaning service?

No, These are both required services and you cannot neglect to pay.

Do I have to be a student to get a room in these apartments?

It is necessary to be a student (in a university, masters program, etc.) because it is required to stay from October to June during the entire academic period.

Can I book a place in the student apartment for individual days?

No, the minimum stay in the student apartments is one month. For individual days we offer rooms and beds in the hostels run by Sant Jordi Pisos Universitaris ( If you are interested in booking a room or bed in one of the Sant Jordi hostels you should contact them directly. We do not manage any hostel bookings in the student apartments office.

Are the apartments for girls, boys or are they co-ed apartments?

We provide 3 different options: student apartments for girls only, for boys only and co-ed student apartments.

What happens if I leave before the end of the contract?

If a student chooses to leave before the end of a contract that extends for the entire academic year, the student forfeits the deposit as well as the payment for the month of June that was charged in advance.

Cleaning Services
No one likes to clean. No need to worry, someone will come daily to clean the common areas of the apartment. You only need to take care of your own bedroom.
Included Utilities
Water, electricity, gas, repairs and maintenance.
Internet + TV
Separated from family and friends? Impossible! To keep you connected, all of our apartments have ADSL internet and TV.
24 hr Emergency Hotline
Is the kitchen flooded? Did you lose your keys? No worries, we are just a phone call away - 24 hours a day for whatever emergency.
Assistance Services
Does your roommate make too much noise? Do you need an operation urgently and don’t know anyone in Barcelona? No problem, our assistance service will take care of everything.